I was excited to be an activator for the 13 Colonies Special Event this year. I joined about twenty other operators in activating K2H - Massachusetts. It gave me a chance to try out the station upgrades, including the new high doublet and the Flex-6600. I operated primarily CW, with two or three other "CW specialists."

I spent a few hours one night doing 2BSIQ (2 band synchronized interleaved QSOs). I used N1MM+ in two-keyboard configuration, shown above. For the first time, I have no switches, tuners, or interface boxes of any kind on the desk and everything is 100% automated. What a blast!

I'll add my final QSO tally here after the event, but at the time of writing, I'm at about 1500 QSOs.

Some thoughts on the 13 Colonies Event:

If we worked, thanks for the QSO! QSL information is on QRZ.