I haven't been very active with radio over the last few months, as work and house projects have kept me busy. I did, however, notice a few trees around the yard beginning the change color, and that is always the harbinger of the low-band DX season! Armed with that encouragement, I flipped the radio on while I was in my home office today and did some FT8 for a bit. Everything is working OK.

I still haven't built the 160m circuit for the doublet (see: Raising the doublet & station updates), but I'll have to do that soon. I'm still searching for a decent open-frame DPDT relay that can handle the high voltage side.

It also seems that there is a strange intermittent on the 20m delta loop. There is a low signal level until I key up, then things return to normal. Usually, this indicates a problem with the feedline. The coax I used for that project was old stuff I had on hand, so I've been planning to replace it anyway. But I think this might give me a chance to play with the TDR function of the NanoVNA; stay tuned for a post on that.