Much of my day job includes paperwork and record keeping; this has left me generally unenthusiastic about QSL cards, awards tracking, and other "paper" stuff throughout the years. I've been particularly lax with DXCC. The last time I made a submission was during my tenure at ARRL HQ -- when I sat about twenty feet from Bill Moore himself.

I've been in this hobby for two decades now. I've spent the vast majority of my time on HF, working DX for the thrill of it, or contesting. Needless to say, I've worked quite a few, but usually by accident. The postal aspect was never attractive to me, as I didn't have the money for it when I was younger and now I'm simply unmotivated to chase cards. So I occasionally check my Logbook of The World account and see where I stand, and that's about as much effort as I'm putting into it.

Yesterday, I happened to see that I qualified for quite a few endorsements and new band awards. In fact, I suddenly have 5 Band DXCC, and I'm close on a few others. It's not free: I paid a $5 application fee, $12 per certificate fee, shipping, and of course the dreaded LoTW credit fee ($0.12/credit). All said and done, I was tagged for almost $100. If you think that's outrageous, you should try adding up postal costs!

In any case, despite years of neglect, my DXCC account is mostly up to date and I'll have new certificates to cover the holes in my walls shortly.