N1TA is located in the City of Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, FN32od.

Transmitting Antennas

  • 10-80 meters: 130' doublet @ 150'
  • 20 meters: delta loop (horizontally polarized) @ 120'
  • 160 meters: 1/4-wave vertical against 2-acre groundscreen

Note: the open wire feedline of the 130' doublet is shorted to create the 160m 1/4-wave vertical. See: Raising the doublet & station updates.

Receiving Antennas

  • 300' switchable beverage N/S
  • 350' switchable BOG NE/SW (winter only)

Inside the Shack

  • Left position: Flex-6600 with 4-1000Z amp remotely switched (used as multiplier or SO2R position)
  • Right position: FT-1000MP with Clipperton-L amp (used as run position)